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"We have been very satisfied with the savings we have realized with the TRIOSE Hospital Freight Management program."

Eldon Tate,
Citizen's Memorial Hospital

TRIOSE is a world-class logistics management firm specializing in managed solutions for the healthcare industry. TRIOSE delivers improved Hospital Freight Management, Courier Management, Supply Chain Consulting, Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Services, Energy Management and Communications Management solutions to hospitals, health systems and healthcare networks. TRIOSE's focus is to dramatically reduce supply chain and logistics costs and to improve outcomes by providing visibility of information, actionable results and overall control of the logistics process.

Hospital Freight Management - Reducing freight and transportation expenses can open doors to increased operational efficiencies and client savings throughout any healthcare system. TRIOSE Hospital Freight Management solutions is designed to help materials managers and purchasing managers get a better handle on their total freight spend, which often starts with finding the baseline. We'll help you...

  • Gain control over inbound and outbound freight expenses
  • Achieve a high vendor implementation percentage
  • Drive purchasing and materials management support
  • Improve results with strong financial reconciliation


Courier Management - Organize and manage a more efficient courier system, saving time and costs, with TRIOSE Courier Management solutions. Our courier management service is scalable and supports the Health Systems materials management transportation strategy and is designed to deliver results. We'll help you...

  • Streamline and optimize courier routing for improved efficiencies
  • Provide dedicated customer service to all internal and external users
  • Audit courier bills for accuracy and compliance
  • Manage and track departmental uses for internal costing
  • Provide measureable and actionable reporting and data analysis
  • Identify new opportunities for revenue enhancement


Supply Chain Consulting - Transportation and freight, materials management, warehousing and storeroom operations, and information technology applications are critical drivers in supply chain performance. TRIOSE Supply Chain Consulting services are designed to map process improvements with detailed assessments for enhanced profitability. We'll help you

  • Explore current supply chain strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze and improve current efficiencies
  • Provide projections of opportunities for improved profitability


Third Party Logistics (3PL) Services - TRIOSE can help you maximize efficiencies and minimize costs through our third party logistics consulting management practice. We'll help you identify and integrate a streamlined distribution and delivery channel, from order placement and processing, to routing, warehousing and fulfillment. We can help you

  • Optimize distribution channels for better product flow
  • Leveraged technology solutions for better tracking
  • Uncover real-time visibility to manage more efficiently
  • Create total system integration for improved outcomes


Energy Solutions - Get greater control over your total energy costs by exploring your entire resource allocation with TRIOSE Energy Solutions. Our integrated solution explores uses, costs and technology to identify potential savings through institutional process and practice applications. We'll help you

  • Identify energy use through allocation audits
  • Increase efficiencies with actionable items
  • Decrease energy costs through efficiency recommendations
  • Explore new and alternative energy opportunities


Communications Solutions - Simplify and improve business communications, reduce costs and improve revenue opportunities with TRIOSE Communications Solutions. Our approach is a consolidated solution that examines costs and technology to integrate various disparate forms of real-time communications with non-real-time collaboration and business process applications to deliver bottom line savings. We'll help you

  • Improve enterprise efficiency
  • Speed communications and decision-making
  • Streamline tasks while improving workflow
  • Shorten project lifecycles
  • Improve customer interaction