20 Lessons from 20 Employees.

20 Lessons from 20 TRIOSE Employees

TRIOSE has reached a consequential milestone this year, accomplishing twenty years in business. To celebrate this achievement, CEO Carl “CJ” Joyner wanted to recognize the people who helped make it all possible—his loyal team. “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from your time here at TRIOSE?” was a question he asked to the dedicated team. While many employees spoke of unique skills they picked up along the way, a common theme that was echoed by many was that of value. Today, we’re sharing some important life lessons our employees have learned and how it has helped them in their career and as a person.

Devon Hanney, Vice President of Finance, who has been an employee of TRIOSE for almost a decade, reflects on her time spent here, saying “In my (almost) 10 years of working at TRIOSE, I have learned what it is like to work for a company and a manager that values its employees and my family and understands that sometimes that family has to be my priority.”

Our Executive Vice President of Operations, Michael Palazzini, has learned the importance of communication while he’s been with TRIOSE, saying, “I have really seen the importance of clear and consistent communication at all levels of an organization. Many times, we think we are communicating clearly or listening and understanding but later find gaps in what we think we said/heard. I’ve really learned how important it is to communicate, communicate, communicate!”

Matthew Doran, our Operations Manager has learned how to think differently at TRIOSE saying, “TRIOSE has taught me how to think critically and strategically as a businessperson.”

Our Client Account Manager, Jeanne Ramirez, speaks about the growth she’s experienced at TRIOSE, saying, “One lesson TRIOSE has taught me is how to work through professional challenges in a productive way.  I have been challenged here and grown both personally and professionally through these experiences.”

Tom Vollert, Director of Sales, West, states, “We really are “Making a Difference” in healthcare.  I’ve learned that this is not just a catch phrase for TRIOSE, but an everyday reality.  Our people and our solutions enable key personnel and entire departments within our client base to better focus and invest in what matters most to them – improving patient care.”

Natalie Jones, Director of Corporate Accounts, speaks about how she delivers value to her clients saying, “A lesson I have learned from my time at TRIOSE is that you should always be asking questions. Challenging the status quo in everything I do as a leader, employee and supply chain partner to our customers helps me deliver even more value every day to those I serve.”

Our Billing and Data Supervisor, Jon Marlett, shares about the benefits of hard work and dedication, sharing, “At a quality employer like TRIOSE, you can actually benefit from hard work and dedication. Although it seems like a very simple and basic notion, I’ve worked at different employers over the years -large and small- who claim to be all about their employees and don’t follow through. TRIOSE actually invests in their people and cares about their success.”

Sherri Fulp, SpendiQ Product Operations Manager, speaks of the collaborative efforts at TRIOSE, sharing, “One person can have a great idea, but it takes the collaboration of many to tweak and implement a new idea and make it great.  Let others share in your success.”

Our Vice President of Operations, Tracy Leatherman, learned the importance of the people at TRIOSE, stating, “The biggest lesson learned is that that “people” – our employees are the real competitive advantage in business and their behavior drives the culture.”

Lauren Fellin, Enterprise Business Process Manager, who has been with us for over ten years, speaks about the importance of being a resource for others saying, “One lesson I have learned along the way at TRIOSE is how to be a team player. From my start in 2008, I have worked with some amazing people who taught me to pass knowledge onto others. Be a resource to others, even if a project does not impact you directly. We are all TRIOSE.”

Our Logistics Coordinator, Brian Hope, shares, “The major lesson that I learned from both Ira and CJ from the inception of TRIOSE is to always do what is best for our client and to be as transparent as possible in our dealing with others. In this way we will build the confidence of our clients that we have their best interest as our primary goal.”

Melanie Sullivan, our National Accounts Manager, has learned a lot with her 7+ years at TRIOSE stating, “What I have learned in my 7+ years with TRIOSE is that relationships are the key to a successful and healthy career. Whether it is building my relationship with my teammates or with our business partners it is important to build a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect. After all, people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.”

Our Information Systems Support, Dylan Bohn, speaks about his growth while at TRIOSE, sharing, “Working at TRIOSE has helped me grow my professional skill set and adapt to the company. If there is no solution to an unidentified problem, create one.”

Web Developer, Allie Fisher, says “Teamwork is the most important part of TRIOSE. The amount of collaboration that we do on our projects shows that TRIOSE is really what keeps us going. You never have to worry about working alone, someone is always willing to help you!”

Eric Fleming, Client Performance Lead, learns about the endless opportunities presented to him at TRIOSE saying, “While working at TRIOSE, I really gained an understanding for how a company and professional business operates both internally and externally. There are many pieces that must align to operate smoothly with success. At the end of the day with the appropriate resources, leadership, and team, there are endless possibilities.”

Our Director of Sales, East, Shawn Wright, says, “I’ve learned that my contributions impact the future vision and direction of TRIOSE.”

Our Billing Analyst, Samuel Young says, “Joining TRIOSE has been a great learning experience for me in how it’s strengthened my communication skills and ability to work with a team.”

Madeline Keller, our Program Performance Representative, learned the importance of open communication, saying, “While working at TRIOSE I have learned that open communication may cause friction in the short term, but ultimately, it’s what’s needed to form great ideas.”

Sara Diefednerfer, Employee Lifecycle Specialist, speaks about the Platinum Rule, sharing, “I have learned the Platinum Rule, which I attribute to my experience and training with DiSC: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated rather than treating them the way you would want to be treated!”

Our Marketing Team Lead, Connor Romanelli, has learned the importance of communication with his time at TRIOSE saying, “While at TRIOSE I have learned how important it is to communicate the reason for and the end goal of a project. I feel like it increases motivation and can lead to better workflows or suggestions.”

At TRIOSE, we believe that there’s more to life and success than just keeping busy. That’s why we take the time to value each individual and their unique passions. We love to hold a cooking competition every so often, and always have numerous end-of-the-year activities for everyone to enjoy and take part in. Team TRIOSE is always working hard to develop new ways for our teammates to have fun. We believe in the importance of making a difference for our clients, always going the extra mile to ensure they are happy, and we also demonstrate this to our employees.

For twenty years, we have helped hospitals, health systems and healthcare networks nationwide reduce costs without compromising patient care. We built our business on making a difference in the healthcare industry, and we strive to achieve that goal every day for our clients and ourselves. Keep an eye out for more exciting industry highlights and accolades that we have achieved in the past two decades! We look forward to the future and are excited to see what the next twenty years will bring us. For more information on TRIOSE and our superior healthcare solutions, contact us today. To keep up with all the happenings in and around the office, follow us on LinkedIn.


TRIOSE is the best in the business. At the end of the day, we love the savings and their program has really improved our process flow.

Steve Patton

Director of Supply Chain at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

TRIOSE was able to do everything it promised it would, and we couldn't be happier. They basically play the middle man for everything we do as far as shipping goes, and it's nice to have that in place at Baystate Health.

Todd Bailey

Manager of Warehousing and Transportation at Baystate Health

We're confident that with TRIOSE's ongoing process improvements, our partnership will continue to make a positive difference in our supply chain processes.

Jessica Denney

Corporate Purchasing Manager at MSHA

TRIOSE has been a positive experience for me, one of my first goals was to reduce freight costs. TRIOSE helped with reaching out to suppliers to get them on board, we changed our process on shipping and it worked. With TRIOSE's help, we did it!


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