Colleen, TRIOSE Intern.

A Day in the Life of a TRIOSE Intern – Colleen

Hey everyone! I’m Colleen, an intern in the marketing department at TRIOSE. I am a rising Junior studying Public Relations and Communication Studies at The University of Alabama. In my role, I get to work on everything from content writing to market research to brainstorming ideas for company events. My day-to-day is constantly changing, but at TRIOSE it’s never boring!

Each morning, I start out by reviewing my to-do list from the previous day to see if there’s anything I need to wrap up on follow up on. I’ll catch up on any emails and start building a daily to-do list and read up on some industry news.

Throughout my internship I’ve been working on an ongoing project that incorporates a few different cross-functioning digital platforms making for a complicated process with some trial and error as I work to perfect it. Each morning, I’ll make some tweaks to this project and shift to working on a project that involves our Subject Matter Experts. I’ll typically meet with them in the morning which has been a great way to learn about the industry and ask any questions I may have, because everyone is always willing to help me learn.

After I grab lunch, my afternoons are typically dedicated to writing various types of content.

I’ll work on writing up on what I’ve discussed with our Subject Matter Experts or update various internal resources to help bring a fresh perspective to our content. While writing, I love to listen to podcast or audiobooks and get my afternoon caffeine fix with a Diet Coke. I usually get a break from writing with various afternoon meetings, where I get to hear about what other departments work on and provide updates on my projects.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the exciting company events at TRIOSE, too. With a culture that emphasizes giving back and having fun, I’ve seen firsthand just how much fun the team has together. From Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation week to participating in the annual TRIOSE Olympics, where even though my team took last place, we still celebrated our efforts with a team lunch.

The projects I work on have provided a true experiential learning opportunity that has allowed me to apply what I study at school to immerse myself in the “real world.” From strategic thinking to more tangible skills like research and design, my time at TRIOSE has expanded my thinking about taught me new skills I know will help me as not just a student, but beyond. In an environment that prides itself on working hard and playing hard, the culture at TRIOSE has made my experience just that much more rewarding and memorable!


TRIOSE is the best in the business. At the end of the day, we love the savings and their program has really improved our process flow.

Steve Patton

Director of Supply Chain at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

TRIOSE was able to do everything it promised it would, and we couldn't be happier. They basically play the middle man for everything we do as far as shipping goes, and it's nice to have that in place at Baystate Health.

Todd Bailey

Manager of Warehousing and Transportation at Baystate Health

We're confident that with TRIOSE's ongoing process improvements, our partnership will continue to make a positive difference in our supply chain processes.

Jessica Denney

Corporate Purchasing Manager at MSHA

TRIOSE has been a positive experience for me, one of my first goals was to reduce freight costs. TRIOSE helped with reaching out to suppliers to get them on board, we changed our process on shipping and it worked. With TRIOSE's help, we did it!


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