"On the Move" Blog

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    Happy Employees = Happy Clients

    As we settle into our new headquarters and continue to grow and evolve as an organization (check out who’s on the Inc. 5000 for the third straight year!, we’re consistently looking for ways to accommodate additional employees and build a unique workplace culture for our team. Since we’ve moved in November, we have already hired 11 new employees, who are based out of our Wyomissing location. We truly believe that keeping our employees happy is the key to keeping our clients happy, and we’re making every effort to ensure that’s a reality at TRIOSE. Read More

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    Making History at the Top of the Greater Reading Top 50

    Dos. Deux. Due. That’s now two, yes, two times that TRIOSE has been in the No. 1 spot on the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Top 50 list of fastest-growing businesses. As if this is not honor enough, we are the first company ever that has been at the top for two years in a row! TRIOSE has always been a trailblazer and now we’re making history. Read More

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    TRIOSE Brings Home Top Honors from Novation, Amerinet and MedAssets

    It’s awards season – and we couldn’t be prouder that TRIOSE is in the winner’s circle with recognition from our GPO partners, including being named Business & Technology Supplier of the Year by Novation. Read More

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    Preparing for Change in the Chain of Custody

    I recently had the opportunity to talk with Beth Goodbaum at Inbound Logistics to discuss how companies involved in the chain of custody are racing against time to implement new processes and procedures as the FDA's Drug Supply Chain Security Act is enacted. We talked about how good companies sometimes make bad decisions when attempting to expedite steps within the chain of custody and how they can avoid those pitfalls. Read More

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    How Prices at the Pump Impact Logistics

    With the drastic drop in pricing for oil and oil-delivered products, many of our clients and GPO partners are inquiring how this will affect the pricing of freight management services. While this is top of mind now, TRIOSE and our partners actually monitor and adjust for fluctuations in fuel costs all year long to ensure clients receive fair pricing. Read More

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    Better Freight Management Starts with Standardization

    When freight is something that “just happens,” it’s nearly impossible to understand related expenses, let alone control them. Given the complexities of freight, it’s often managed inconsistently, but through standardization, hospitals and healthcare systems have a huge opportunity to impact their bottom line. Read More

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    Meet Our New Executive Vice President Tom Wengrowski

    We're excited to have Tom Wengrowski join the TRIOSE team as Executive Vice President. We sat down with Tom to learn more about him professionally and personally. Read More

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    We’re ‘Giving Five’ to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

    Philanthropy has always been an important part of the fabric of TRIOSE. Giving back to the community is something we, as a company, and I, personally, feel passionately about — which is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce that our Give Five national charity of choice is Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Read More

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    Future 50 2.0

    It’s quite an honor to share the news that TRIOSE was recognized as one of the 2015 Future 50 award winners by Philadelphia SmartCEO — for the second year in a row! What does this mean? It means TRIOSE is one of the fastest-growing companies in Greater Philadelphia. It means hospitals and healthcare organizations recognize the value of working with TRIOSE to manage their freight expense. It means we’re doing something right. Read More

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    Home Sweet (New) Home

    To accommodate TRIOSE's ongoing growth and to better serve our clients and suppliers, we have established new, larger corporate headquarters in Wyomissing, PA, designed to foster communication and collaboration that will ultimately enrich our client service. Read More