Home Sweet (New) Home


Since we founded TRIOSE in 1999, our company has enjoyed remarkable growth. We started as a team of three people and today have a staff of over 60 professionals across the country serving a range of hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide. 

To accommodate this growth and to better serve our clients and suppliers, we have established new, larger corporate headquarters in Wyomissing, PA. From our departmental hubs and versatile meeting spaces, to enhanced technology and employee amenities, our new office is carefully designed to foster communication and collaboration that will ultimately enrich our client service.

This modern space has enabled us to bring our corporate team under one roof, and with 24,000 square feet of space, it gives us flexibility to continue expanding in the coming years.

Take a quick tour by checking out the pictures below. We hope we’ll have the chance to host you at our home sweet (new) home soon.





Upcoming Events

CCHA Alliance
Wilmington, NC
December 7


Since the TRIOSE program was so easy to implement, without a lot of setup on my behalf, we implemented rather quickly and have not looked back at that decision since.


- Chip Geiger
Purchasing Manager
Rockford Health System

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