In the Name of Service


Great service makes you stand out. It can also make a truly meaningful difference when others need it most. Providing this type of exceptional care — for hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as for their medical professionals and patients — is part of our everyday credo at TRIOSE, and it was represented so well just last week.

On Thursday, I was informed that a package that was supposed to be delivered to one of the regional hospitals we serve in Illinois had been routed to the wrong distribution center and would not make it to its destination on time. The caveat is that the package was for a military service member who was deploying the very next day. Naturally, the successful delivery of this item was crucial.

Jeanne Ramirez, our Logistics Support Specialist, sprung into action and worked diligently with UPS all day and night to make sure the package made it to the right place — and the right person — as quickly as possible. Time was of the essence and missing the delivery was not an option.

Our nation’s servicemen and women make great sacrifices in protecting and defending our country, and helping to ensure this particular individual had what he or she needed is one small way we could do our part to serve to them in return.

Thanks to Jeanne’s tireless work and expertise in navigating the supply chain, the delivery arrived before 8 AM on Friday morning, and the service member had the materials they needed before leaving home.

As a TRIOSE employee, and chair of TRIOSE’s veteran support committee, I know I speak for all of my colleagues when I say we couldn’t be prouder to have been a part of serving and ensuring a smooth deployment for this service member. TRIOSE delivers solutions, and nothing makes that more clear than this experience. It’s all in the name of service.

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