The Power of Logistics


The stakes in the healthcare supply chain are extraordinarily high. Without being dramatic, the timely, precise delivery of specialized products – or lack thereof – can literally mean life or death.

We know intelligent logistics solutions can have a profound impact on industries as critical as healthcare. They are so game changing, in fact, that Esther Ndichu, the humanitarian supply chain director at UPS, argues that better logistics in itself can solve global hunger.

In this TED@UPS talk, she boldly asserts, “Hunger isn’t a food issue. It’s a logistics issue.” According to Ndichu, “The absurd thing is, there is actually enough food in the world to feed the entire population.” But, one-third of the food that is produced is wasted or spoils before it can be consumed. As a result, today there are an astonishing 800 million hungry people in the world. By implementing or improving logistics solutions across the global food supply chain, she believes hunger can be a thing of the past.

This presentation is an eye-opener about the power of logistics, whether hunger or healthcare. Take a few minutes and watch the video for yourself. What do you think?