Training for Future Growth


When I started working at TRIOSE in 2007, it was a much smaller organization. At that time our professional development consisted of learning on the job from each other and learning independently based on the time and task at hand – which, for a small group in a small office, worked quite well. And judging by the fact that we have 65 employees today, I can tell you that we were doing something (actually, a lot of things) right. What I didn’t know in 2007 was that we were laying the foundation for where we are today.

Training and development – in its various forms – has always been core to our business. It allows our employees to grow professionally, as well as personally, and take greater satisfaction in their roles. It makes us a better, smarter, more efficient organization. And it enables us to continually enhance the service and solutions we provide to our clients. As Ralph Waldo Emerson so clearly said, “Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

All of these reasons made it all the more significant when earlier this year I transitioned from my role in operations to become the Manager of TRIOSE’s newly created Corporate Training and Development department. This move represented a company-wide dedication – stemming directly from our CEO CJ Joyner and President Ira Tauber’s commitment to ongoing education – to formalize and expand the opportunities for professional development at TRIOSE. We are investing in our employees in a big way, knowing it will pay dividends for our people and ultimately for the healthcare systems we serve every day.

While our learning and development program is still in its early days, it is already on par with the efforts of much larger corporations. There are a number of highlights we can all be proud of, which include:

  • CORE Training
    TRIOSE employs a CORE training philosophy for all of our employees. The CORE program is an integral part of our onboarding process; it ensures all TRIOSE employees are trained on our business tools and receive cross-departmental training so all employees understand all aspects of our business. This program will set our new employees up for success and equip them to support our clients’ needs.
  • E-Learning Library and LMS
    TRIOSE employees now have access to a robust e-learning library with more than 280 course modules and over 2,000 training videos that they can access at work, at home or anywhere they have access to the Internet. This e-learning content encompasses everything from professional skills and professional development topics such as accounting fundamentals, customer service, delegation essentials and time management to task-oriented on-demand support for desktop and mobile software applications including Microsoft Office, Adobe, mobile platforms (Android and Apple iOS), social media platforms (i.e. Twitter) and more.
  • Six Sigma Training
    We currently have four employees training to earn their Six Sigma Black Belts and have plans to enroll people more in the upcoming year. This rigorous program, which aligns with the ideals of many of our healthcare clients, is highly regarded for producing effective and efficient leaders.
  • Leadership Development Initiatives
    This program, which consists of various sessions on topics like communication and management, is designed not only for TRIOSE’s current leadership team but also for ‘high-potential’ individuals across the organization who are on a leadership track. Taking a tailored approach to cultivating this talent will help ensure our managers and executives are leading by example and helping to steer the organization toward future success.

As we look to 2016 and beyond, TRIOSE is moving full steam ahead to offer innovative total logistics solutions – and with our dedicated focus on training and development, the company is better poised than ever to deliver.