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TRIOSE Provides Access to Green Cell Foam Sustainable Shipping Material

WYOMISSING, Pa – TRIOSE, Inc., unveiled a newly minted partnership to provide access to Green Cell Foam eco-friendly sustainable shipping material for healthcare providers across the country. Protecting the most at-risk shipments from costly damage and claims while protecting the environment from harmful waste, Green Cell Foam demonstrates healthcare provider’s commitment to positive change in their communities.

“High value medication costs, providing the highest level of service to patients, and maintaining drug integrity has increased the cost of pharma-operations significantly,” said Mark Lutcavish, Manager of TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ solution. “Using untested or unverified packaging material can put your patients and pharmacy at risk. Researching and vetting these vendors is time-consuming and places additional strain upon your pharmacists and supply chain”

Made in the United States, Green Cell Foam is a food-grade corn starch that is light-weight but durable for packaging. Providing shipping coolers and protective packaging designs, Green Cell Foam is the most used, consistent bio-based shipping material available on the market.

“TRIOSE is a purpose-driven organization – we want to enact positive change in our communities,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Gerry Romanelli. “Providing access to Green Cell Foam for our clients was a natural fit due to our common goals. Packaging from medical materials is one of the largest unseen costs, but the environment and our communities are the ones that pay for it. This is an easy way for us to limit that impact while still helping our clients deliver healing.”


About TRIOSE, Inc.

TRIOSE, Inc. has partnered with renowned healthcare institutions since 1999 to implement intelligent supply chain solutions that lower supply chain costs & increase quality of care provided by our partners, leading to better patient outcomes.  Driving change for improved healthcare in our communities is paramount to the TRIOSE mission, which aims to save our partners billions of dollars.

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ solution explores your existing pharmacy processes and provides cost-cutting improvements that reduce costly errors & claims, ensure licensure compliance, and can even turn your pharmacy into a revenue generator for your healthcare institution.

Though TRIOSE has been recognized by a number of awards over the years, recent honors from Philadelphia SmartCEO, Vizient NOVAPLUS® 2016 Supplier of the Year, and six consecutive appearances on the Inc. 5000’s fastest-growing companies have set TRIOSE apart in the industry.  Visit TRIOSE to learn about innovative healthcare supply chain solutions that get healthcare professionals back to what they do best – saving lives.


TRIOSE is the best in the business. At the end of the day, we love the savings and their program has really improved our process flow.

Steve Patton

Director of Supply Chain at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

TRIOSE was able to do everything it promised it would, and we couldn't be happier. They basically play the middle man for everything we do as far as shipping goes, and it's nice to have that in place at Baystate Health.

Todd Bailey

Manager of Warehousing and Transportation at Baystate Health

We're confident that with TRIOSE's ongoing process improvements, our partnership will continue to make a positive difference in our supply chain processes.

Jessica Denney

Corporate Purchasing Manager at MSHA

TRIOSE has been a positive experience for me, one of my first goals was to reduce freight costs. TRIOSE helped with reaching out to suppliers to get them on board, we changed our process on shipping and it worked. With TRIOSE's help, we did it!


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