TRIOSE offers a broad range of smart, full-service logistics solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, which can be customized per each organization’s needs.

Freight Management

Health systems and facilities are continually tasked with providing improved quality outcomes at a lower cost. Supply chain operations play an integral role in delivering resources throughout the continuum of care. An inefficient supply chain directly affects patient experience and your bottom line. Supply chain leaders need to partner with companies that are looking to help you control costs, increase visibility, and improve the overall performance of your healthcare operation. At TRIOSE, we have tailored our Freight Management solutions to impact the objectives of cost, quality, and outcomes that not only positively impact the patients but the clinicians who deliver the care. As the industry leader offering innovative services in freight management, TRIOSE has a dedicated team that works to ensure maximum efficiencies for your facility.

Large Cargo Freight Shipments

Most supply chain leaders form agreements with their vendor network to ship products with prepaid and add terms. These agreements allow suppliers to prepay transportation charges for their clients, but subsequently bundle that reimbursement into the buyer’s invoice. Many supply chain leaders fail to realize the impact on cost and patient care by allowing their vendor network to control the shipping process. Healthcare systems could be overpaying by over 100% because the vendors are managing shipments. Vendors managing the shipping process impacts not only your bottom line but the patients you care for. When shipments are out of your visibility in addition to extra cost, you lose control over the items used to care for and comfort patients in your care. Transportation costs can no longer remain an afterthought. Health systems cannot afford to adhere by a “just pay shipping and handling” mindset. Supply chain leaders must partner with companies that not only offer a competitive rate, but actively share in controlling costs, providing visibility, leveraging expertise, and improving the overall performance of your healthcare operations to stay ahead of industry trends. Our Freight 180 solution manages your health system’s large cargo shipping needs. We partner with a wide range of regional and national carrier networks and TRIOSE works to facilitate the smooth delivery of your larger shipments.

Courier Management

In today’s healthcare marketplace, patient experience is what drives case volume and subsequent revenue. Healthcare networks must expand to allow access to patients in their communities. However, healthcare supply chains are at a disadvantage in identifying opportunities for continuous improvement, correcting service failures, and ensuring that clinician needs are met, all while keeping patient care unaffected. Supply chain leaders fail to realize they lack enough visibility to fully understand the detrimental effects on cost, patient care, and quality of a loosely managed courier network. A study from Northwell health laboratories has found that the average cost of one lost specimen is $584. This is not including potential litigation fees and unnecessary patient costs. Now imagine the impact on the patients, who have fasted for 24 hours to have their blood drawn and then their sample is lost. The patients will have to repeat the process, wait additional time for the test results and could face serious health risks if the delayed results impact the patient’s care. One error can impact chain of custody, patient care and your clinician’s reputation. Supply chain leaders must look at all processes that utilize the same services on a system-wide level in order to drive the efficiencies that will support improved costs, quality, and outcomes as well as provide the service your clinicians rely on to deliver that care. TRIOSE's Network IQ Solution takes a system-wide approach when evaluating your health system’s transportation network. We follow the path of your patient throughout the continuum of care and provide unparalleled visibility, allowing us to deliver a roadmap of your system-wide delivery needs. We ensure that you can continue to focus on patient care while still operating an efficient supply chain.


Healthcare has never faced more significant challenges than it does today. With the rise of prescription drug cost, staff shortages, and increases in regulation, health systems are continually challenged to provide excellent patient care while keeping costs low. However, healthcare costs continue to rise; In 2016 the U.S. estimated healthcare costs reached 3.4 trillion dollars and are currently on track to reach over 4.8 trillion dollars by 2021. There is a disconnect within healthcare supply chains that results in the lack of operational visibility, actual cost drivers and documented, sustainable and repeatable processes. Many supply chain leaders in healthcare fail to realize they are missing critical resources that focus on all aspects and functions in the supply chain and the negative impact this has on core operations and patient care. Operating an efficient supply chain will not only save money but also impacts employees’ time, resources, and patient care. Every supply chain decision from fleet maintenance schedules to contract compliance links back to patient care. Identifying opportunities of improvement and inefficiencies creates opportunities to amend the process to either save money, increase the quality of care, or return time to employees. Healthcare leaders and operation teams need to focus beyond keeping costs low by focusing on the intrinsic details that support supply chain and allow for innovation. Aligning with an innovative consulting solutions provider will not only help rein in costs but will provide the health system with process development, implementation, operational tools and a sustainability plan. This approach reduces risk, mitigates error and improves supply chain efficiency. At TRIOSE, we tailor our consulting solutions to help healthcare systems with their cost, quality, and outcome objectives while remaining within their healthcare mission and strategy.


Health systems are continually being asked to do more with less, while still delivering on critical initiatives such as value-based care, clinician engagement, and financial alignment. Due to the significant number of challenges facing healthcare, health systems cannot keep track of every purchase. Supply chain and purchasing leaders lack the integrated resources and technologies needed to improve inefficiencies in their processes, specifically in contract lifecycle management. In today’s healthcare industry, it is vital to manage spend across the entire healthcare network in order to reduce waste. Leaders in supply chain must have visibility to proactively implement best practices and processes for contract lifecycle management. By proactively managing your total spend, you can find and deliver significant savings back to your organization. TRIOSE offers a contract management solution designed to revolutionize the process of managing spend across the entire healthcare network through four key connected areas; contract supply spend, contract compliance, product utilization, and improved financial performance. SupplyLinQ  offers the ability to store all contracts (regardless of type) in one place, improved compliance with all vendors, and increased visibility of all supply chain operations. The TRIOSE SupplyLinQ solution quickly provides sourcing professionals with actionable data, from total spend to detailed item values, enabling them to proactively engage in meaningful cost reduction initiatives.