TRIOSE offers a broad range of smart, full-service logistics solutions to hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, which can be customized per each organization’s needs.

Freight Management

You wouldn’t ignore your patients’ symptoms, so why ignore your supply chain’s? 

Health systems are increasingly tasked with providing improved quality outcomes at a lower cost. Supply chain operations play an integral role in delivering resources throughout the continuum of care, but finding cost-savings in your supply chain does not have to impact patient outcomes or experience. If a supply chain is inefficient, it can already be having a direct impact upon patient outcomes and experience, along with your bottom line.

Leading healthcare supply chains partner with companies that help control costs, increase visibility, and improve the overall performance of healthcare operations.

At TRIOSE, we have tailored our Freight Management solution to impact the triple-aim of lowered cost, increased quality and ultimately better patient outcomes.  This not only positively impacts the patient, but also the clinicians who deliver care. As the industry leader offering innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions, TRIOSE has a dedicated team that works to help you achieve your goals. TRIOSE Freight Management gives you access to..:

TRIOSE’s strategic partnership with UPS along with carrier contracts across the country ensure that you get the most cost-effective service that meets all your needs.

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Are your large cargo savings getting lost in transit?

Health systems are dedicated to providing the best patient care possible, but often devote unnecessary resources to their large cargo shipping processes. Most supply chain leaders form agreements with their vendors to ship products to them, with the shipping price being added onto the invoice. These agreements allow suppliers to utilize shipping as a profit center. Many buyers think this is just the cost of doing business and adopt a “just pay it” mentality. Even worse, if a shipment arrives damaged or gets lost in transit, it is left to your staff to reconcile the claim. If you have not realized the impact on cost and patient care by allowing your vendors to control the shipping process, you are not alone.

Even health systems that realize the impact often struggle to amend the issue due to the time necessary to correct it. According to a recent time-study, it takes..:

That’s 5 business days – just to negotiate one carrier contract. By partnering with TRIOSE, you get access to our carrier portfolio, consisting of regional, national, international, and ocean carriers. TRIOSE’s Freight180° puts time and money back in your supply chain, all while removing the headaches caused by managing complex claims. On average, we help our healthcare partners avoid spending 54% more than necessary on large cargo shipping.

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When was the last time your transportation network had a check-up?

Hospitals often view courier and fleet operations as a cost center. TRIOSE’s NetworkiQ aims to help our valued clients move that view from a cost center to a strategic asset. Through the ability to quantify costs and value, TRIOSE can guide hospitals to making more strategic decisions that have a greater positive impact not only on costs but on patient experience. 

Courier and fleet solutions are custom solutions based on the unique structure of the Hospital or System. Costs are often hidden and need to be quantified or they are very apparent, but seen as not addressable due to their immediate need. Often the core solution is visibility.

The technology that is necessary to gain the visibility to implement best practices and remove non-value-added activity is too much of a capital investment for a hospital system. TRIOSE can provide access to that technology along with the expertise to manage them.


*Study by University Health Consortium

In working with health systems, we determined that price is only a small component of aligning supply chain operations with the mandate of providing value-based care. We understand that one patient’s unpleasant experience does not just impact the reputation of your supply chain, it also impacts your facility’s reputation and reimbursements. The patient journey and experience throughout your healthcare system is more important than ever.

Supply Chain leaders need a partner that not only offers a competitive rate, but also is always looking to help control cost, increase visibility, and improve overall performance of healthcare operations.

TRIOSE is the supply chain partner you need.  As the industry leader in offering innovative, end-to-end supply chain solutions, TRIOSE can..:


There are key indicators that that can reflect the health of your courier network.  With this in mind, TRIOSE offers a FREE health Check report.  Simply click on the graphic below and fill out the contact information.  There is also the ability to attach documents that TRIOSE can analyze like your agreement, courier data, or invoices.  We will deliver a health check to let you know what opportunities you have to save. 


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Is patient risk a side-effect of your pharmacy strategy? 

In an attempt to diversify, drive greater revenue growth, and gain a larger portion of the patient population, pharmacies across the country are making the transition to specialty & mail-order operations. There are growing concerns around large pharmacy players like CVS and Walgreens as they continue to grow, while limiting the opportunities pharmacies have to compete. Health system pharmacies can get bogged down with the many issues at hand and miss opportunities to improve their system and pharmacy for the long term. Complicating matters, pharmacists are increasingly asked to be a one-man show. Often times tasked with management & operation of the pharmacy, their responsibilities are suddenly encompassing business, growth, and strategy, along with basic day-to-day operations. With only so much time to devote, face-to-face time with patients begins to suffer. 

Having the time to be diligent is of the utmost importance, but pharmacists & their teams can only find this time by finding a partner that is able to help navigate the increasingly complex guidelines and standards that must be adhered to. 

TRIOSE’s PharmacyiQ helps pharmacies do just that – pairing tactical last mile services that comply with CMS & accreditation standards along with long-term strategy & solutions that positively impact pharmacy and hospital goals

Gain full control and visibility of your pharmacy today.


Is your health system evaluating price or total cost?

Health systems are continually being asked to do more with less, while still delivering on critical initiatives such as value-based care, clinician engagement, and financial alignment. Due to the significant number of challenges facing healthcare, health systems cannot keep track of every purchase. Health systems & their staff just don’t have enough time to achieve these goals in a reasonable manner. Supply chain and purchasing leaders lack the integrated resources and technologies needed to improve inefficiencies in their processes, specifically in contract lifecycle management. TRIOSE’s SpendiQ helps eliminate the problems caused by lack of time by helping streamline multiple major procurement endeavors..:

TRIOSE’s SpendiQ provides access to software tool SupplyLinQ, which stores all contracts (regardless of type) in one place, improving compliance with all vendors along with increased visibility to all supply chain operations.  By driving compliance and helping ensure your contractual decisions are adhered to, you can trust that your procurement processes are being cost-effective.  If all your processes and communications are driving toward the success of those contractual decisions, you spend less time attempting to amend improper behavior for whatever the reasons may be. That means less time on the phone with vendors trying to correct off-contract purchases or pricing discrepancies. 

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Healthcare has never faced more significant challenges than it does today. With the rise of prescription drug cost, staff shortages, and increases in regulation, health systems are continually challenged to provide excellent patient care while keeping costs low. However, healthcare costs continue to rise. There is a disconnect within healthcare supply chains that results in the lack of operational visibility to actual cost drivers, with regard to documented, sustainable and repeatable processes. Many supply chain leaders in healthcare fail to realize they are missing critical resources that focus on all aspects and functions in the supply chain and the negative impact this has on core operations and patient care.

Operating an efficient supply chain will not only save money but also impacts employees’ time, resources, and patient care. Every supply chain decision from fleet maintenance schedules to contract compliance links back to patient care. Identifying opportunities of improvement and inefficiencies creates opportunities to amend the process to either save money, increase the quality of care, or return time to employees. Healthcare leaders and operation teams need to focus beyond keeping costs low by focusing on the intrinsic details that support supply chain and allow for innovation. Aligning with an innovative consulting solutions provider will not only help rein in costs but will provide the health system with process development, implementation, operational tools and a sustainability plan. This approach reduces risk, mitigates error and improves supply chain efficiency. At TRIOSE, we tailor our consulting solutions to help healthcare systems with their cost, quality, and outcome objectives while remaining within their healthcare mission and strategy. 

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Equipment Maintenance Program

Health systems face an uphill battle with decreasing reimbursements, increased patient population complexity, and a constantly evolving marketplace.

As Medical equipment becomes more sophisticated (see also: expensive!), the importance of properly protecting that equipment becomes even more important. To better manage the financial risks of equipment maintenance and repair once the original warranty expires, leading health systems are increasingly obtaining individual service and maintenance contracts. If you find yourself facing a time-crunch when assessing protection plans for each piece of equipment in a hospital, tracking renewal/billing dates, and varying contract terms and conditions, you are not alone. 

With TRIOSE’s Equipment Maintenance Program, healthcare providers can consolidate these agreements into one easy-to-manage agreement.  That means..:

This consolidation typically provides 10% - 20% additional cost-savings over obtaining similar contracts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.  The true benefit is the time you get back to provide greater impact upon patient outcomes and experience.

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