Michael Palazzini

Executive Vice President of Operations
Michael Palazzini portrait photo

Michael Palazzini joined Triose, Inc. in 2017 as Vice President of Solutions and currently serves as Executive Vice President of Operations. Palazzini is responsible for overseeing the Triose Logistics and Transport field and corporate operations teams as well as implementing strategies that drive increased value to customers through the Triose Logistics and Transport solution portfolio.

Prior to joining Triose Logistics and Transport, Palazzini held various executive leadership positions in healthcare, logistics, and supply chain management. During his time with DHL, he was responsible for designing and implementing a regional transportation network servicing the Northeast US. In 2015, Palazzini founded Predicata, a healthcare-focused data analytics company dedicated to transforming data into actionable insights.

Focused on maintaining the Triose Logistics and Transport reputation for operational excellence and a strong customer focus, Palazzini and his teams are continuously searching for operational improvements and ways to better serve Triose Logistics and Transport customers.

What our customers are saying

Triose is the best in the business. At the end of the day, we love the savings and their program has really improved our process flow.

Steve Patton

Director of Supply Chain at Lakeland Regional Medical Center

Triose was able to do everything it promised it would, and we couldn't be happier. They basically play the middle man for everything we do as far as shipping goes, and it's nice to have that in place at Baystate Health.

Todd Bailey

Manager of Warehousing and Transportation at Baystate Health

We're confident that with Triose's ongoing process improvements, our partnership will continue to make a positive difference in our supply chain processes.

Jessica Denney

Corporate Purchasing Manager at MSHA

Triose has been a positive experience for me, one of my first goals was to reduce freight costs. Triose helped with reaching out to suppliers to get them on board, we changed our process on shipping and it worked. With Triose's help, we did it!