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Customized solutions for every client

The situation

As hospitals and health systems are consolidating into larger entities, many small-sized hospitals are being left on the sidelines, and in the red.

Although the difficulties facing small-sized hospitals have been apparent for decades, the recent closings and increased at-risk status of these hospitals can be attributed to long-standing problems in a tumultuous healthcare landscape.

Hospitals have the same goals and objectives, regardless of size: to provide exceptional patient care while operating as efficiently as possible.

For hospitals to operate as efficiently as possible, they need to take a holistic approach to cost savings. This includes examining their supply chain performance.

The challenge

It is a common misconception that smaller sized healthcare facilities cannot benefit from a fully managed freight program.

Small-sized hospitals typically do not have the internal resources – time, money, or human capital – needed to actively manage their inbound freight.

Hospital personnel do not have the time, or in some cases, the technology needed to manually examine vendor invoices, which results in prepay and add charges that the facility cannot control.

Without these valuable baselines, it is impossible to understand the true costs associated with an unmanaged freight program.

The Triose solution

The Triose integrated freight program provides a customized solution to fit the needs of all healthcare clients, regardless of size, freight volume or available data.

Through our strategic partnership with UPS, clients receive a volume-based discount on shipping rates. Our live, US-based team of supply chain experts provide great service and great savings, guaranteed.

The Triose team will contact all suppliers on the client’s behalf to ensure they are complying with the Triose supply chain initiative. Once suppliers begin shipping through the Triose account number provided, your facility will receive the discounted rate, resulting in instant savings.

Once implemented, every client receives a dedicated account management team that proactively monitors their freight program for vendor compliance and optimization opportunities.

The Triose difference

A 35-bed acute-care facility located in southern Kansas knew their supply chain needed help. Due to current internal processes, the hospital did not have any freight data to provide Triose prior to launching their program.

Within the first two years of their integrated freight program, and with no data provided at the time of program launch, Triose helped the client realize a 29 percent cost reduction on their inbound freight program. The following year, when the client began breaking out freight charges from vendor invoices, their year over year savings increased even further, resulting in an overall cost reduction of 42 percent. By altering their internal process, the client – and Triose – gained visibility, creating additional cost savings.

Triose has experience with healthcare facilities of all sizes ranging from nationally integrated delivery networks to rural critical access hospitals. Our team of logistics experts are dedicated to improving every client’s supply chain operation, regardless of size, freight volume or available data. And while breaking out freight expenses from vendor invoices can lead to additional savings, it is not a prerequisite.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution for hospitals, the concept of transforming their care delivery model is a step in the right direction. A step that begins with their supply chain. A step that begins with Triose.

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